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Competitive Advantage

There are many possible USPs you could uncover and use; but only one or two that should be deployed.
Your Competitive Advantage is much more than just frantically finding a way to be just a little different.
We find it.

That’s LOCK #1.

Optimised Offer

Your new, sparkling and refined Competitive Advantage needs translating into a powerful ‘offer’ with impact.
It must be tested, quickly and robustly, and get you traction in the market.


That’s LOCK #2.

Competitive Edge

Your Advantage, properly defined as an optimised Offer, can have the addition of the ultimate component to secure your lasting Competitive Edge.

You miraculously change to your Customer’s Currency.

That’s LOCK #3.
The triple lock is complete.

What's OUR competitive proposition, we hear you ask?...
Easy: to give YOU your best competitive advantage.
It could take only 15 DAYS if you join with us!


Its been a long quest.... but we are there.
Move away from being just a bit Different to making a real Difference.

Right First Time™ is a process and improved understanding of your market, and your situation within it, that leads to a profound new and truly powerful Competitive Advantage, Offer and Edge.

This is made up of your new, bespoke, TRIPLE LOCK.

It isn't enough just to try some brief desperate change, some tactical stickyplaster that may be easily copied.
It is all about making a real competitive manoeuvre and impact that will last.

And the TRIPLE LOCK will leave your competitors way behind.

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  • Happy with your Competitive Advantage %?

    Is your Advantage, as described usually, really that competitive?

  • Does your Offer 'zing' in the Market?

    What's your Offer like? How much of your market actually likes your message?

  • Your Edge

    In % terms, how is your overall Competitive Edge? Do you really stand out in the market?

  • Are you Critical to your Customer?

    And are you REALLY close to your Customer's needs? Do they NEED you?


Business-savvy Professionals working hard for you...
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David Hood

Director, Competitive Advantage
Full LinkedIn Bio
David is an Author and Competitiveness Specialist and has worked in scientific, technical, product development and marketing roles and is a champion of creating real value and competitive differentiation.
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Dave Rattray

Director, Client Development
Full LinkedIn Bio
Dave is ‘Mr LinkedIn’, a seasoned content and comms professional with a penchant for value development and delivery. Creator of the LinkedIn Success Blueprint.
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Calum Alexander

Director, Data
Calum is a Data Analyst, Cosmologist (yes he his) and number-crunching specialist, separating out what makes money from what does not. He optimises your offers and campaigns.
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Craig Cockburn

Director, Platforms
Full LinkedIn Bio
Craig is our platform man; he makes it all happen here at Torchbearer and manages our online presence, platform technology and web delivery.


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