Journal of Creating Value / Reviewer

JCV BadgeOur David Hood has been behind, and continues to support, new Customer Value Creation International professional membership body. That group now has its own Journal of Creating Value – and David is a Reviewer with this new and important publication.

  • Further information on the Journal of Creating Value here
  • Further information on the Customer Value Creation International group here

The Journal of Creating Value is a refereed, professional journal focused on creating value for customers, thereby creating value for the company and all stakeholders. The audience for the journal includes academia, professionals, community and government agencies, business and industry. The journal welcomes submissions that cover either or both the science and the art of Customer Value Creation. The science encompasses issues of logic, and associated rational factors, data and cases. The art covers emotional and social factors, including the psychological and human factors necessary to harness and align the passion of everyone in an enterprise.

The Journal of Creating Value exists to provide a focus for information and debate about this new dynamic, which includes the imperative to shift from ‘Command and Control’ to ‘Connect and Inspire’ customer-led management practices.