18th November 2015

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Direct! (available on kindle or audiobook) is a robust refresh of the trusted and powerful marketing tool, that Direct Postal campaigning.

David shows us how to revitalise postal comms, and in an age of all things digital, shows how it can help you sharpen your competitive advantage and revenue generation.

>> What the Readers say:

"In a digital age this book offers some serious reasons to consider direct mail as part of your marketing mix. More importantly the author provides a rich menu of ideas and ingredients to help readers develop much more effective Direct Mail, and think hard about their customer proposition and where the true value for the customer lies.

(Roger Ashworth, Marketing Specialist)

‘Competitive SME’ follows on from the European Union’s futureSME initiative that identified the main challenges for small to medium sized businesses, resulting in many fine new tools and methods to help the SME. As most of the SME’s issues right across the continent were marketing and market-related, we decided that a definitive and decisive response was needed – the book and initiative were born. The best way for the SME to compete, survive and thrive is the result.

>> What the Readers say:

“I bought Competitive SME and could not put it down. This book should be read by those where their approach to sales and marketing are suited to a world long gone. They would sleep better at night and become better leaders!”
(Stephen Sherry, GlobalGROUP)
‘The Marketing Manifesto’ does two things: addresses long-standing challenges for the professional Marketer (and the
marketing profession) and helps the Marketer grasp the main opportunities to ‘get back to the core issue’ – that of helping
customers and consumers enjoy and improve their personal and business lives, and to secure and improve revenue for the organisation.

>> What the Readers say:

"The Marketing Manifesto demonstrates through 15 manifestos exactly how to get the most out of Marketing… a thoroughly good read and useful reference for marketers and managers in the business challenges that lie ahead”
(Ray Perry, Executive Director of Brand, Profile and Marketing, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants)