2nd May 2016

| Direct! – Mail Marketing Strikes Back!

davehoodWhy don’t you grab a copy of the new book from our David Hood – a timely reinvigoration of Direct Mail Marketing.

Titled ‘Direct!’, the book is subtitled ‘Sell More,using Direct Mail Marketing, Create Compelling Sales Copy, Increase Your Campaigning Effectiveness & Generate More Revenue’.

It is written in his easy and powerful form ‘What to Change’, What to Change To, and ‘How to Change’. So you are in no doubt about the process to compete using great Direct Mail Marketing techniques, and can quickly apply everything in the book.

The book comes in both Kindle and Audiobook (Audible) format – just grab your copy today, and get that revenue in from direct mail!

Amazon Reviews:

“These days it is very easy to forget about Direct Mail when we have so many options online. However, that is also one of the beauties about DM, it is physical, I can hold it and read it anywhere. It’s just different from all the emails and social media messages I’m bombarded with and so it has the potential to stand out. What David James Hood does is demonstrate how to make your Direct Mail stand out from the background marketing noise. He spells out what we need to consider and execute if we want a successful outcome.”

“This is a must read if you want to get more sales and develop your business. I was very focused on email marketing but when I started to read this book I went back to sending out some old-fashioned direct marketing via the post. And it started to produce leads and sales. So buy this book and it will add value to your business from the very first page”