20th July 2015

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We realised that you, as a professional Director, business Owner, Manager or Executive, have too many ‘competitive’ options to consider each and every day; none more so than what USP (Unique Selling Point) you could develop or deploy, or the offer that follows on from it (Unique Selling Proposition)… So, we thought it would be more powerful if only your best one of each should be deployed to your target market.

And you know of course, that your Prospects, Customers, Consumers, Partners and Clients, have far too many options as too!… And that they need a really firm reason to choose to do business with you, and not someone else. We thought there MUST be a better way; a way for you to captivate and capture your market.

That’s why we developed Right First Time™ we have the Team and robust processes, you have the capability. Together, we can work up your powerful Competitive Advantage, Offer & Edge.  Those 3 elements make up the ‘triple lock’ of competitiveness….

DH-rftsiteDavid Hood
Director, Competitive Advantage
David is a business book Author – ‘Direct!‘ (direct mail marketing), The Marketing Manifesto & Competitive SME) – a Speaker and Competitiveness Specialist. A professional Marketer, he is Founder of the Right First Time principle & process and has worked in scientific, technical, product development and marketing roles, and on Boards of various membership bodies. He has a Post-Graduate Diploma in International Marketing and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Enterprise Development, was a previous Chair of the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Technology group, and is now working with the new professional membership body ‘Customer Value Creation International’ that is improving the creation of  ‘real value’ for business and its customer alike. He is a champion of creating real ‘customer-centric’ value and competitive differentiation. He firmly believes in a better way… and in identifying your definitive USP in such a short time, you will be gobsmacked!

calum-rftsiteCalum Alexander (Dr.)
Director, Data
Calum is our Data man, a Cosmologist, keeping us on track, by making things robust and scientific.
Numbers are more than dry data in his hands; his Client brief and everyday activity involves ensuring that our Right First Time process is robust, prevents ‘garbage-in-garbage-out’ and performs the number-crunching magic we do on behalf of Clients that leads to firm, irresistible and optimised campaigns and offers. He even makes investing in marketing and communications a joy, and handling data a delight! He helps you gain more ROI for your campaigns, to stop needlessly having to ‘tweak’ with your offer and spending money on campaigns that do not work, and helps you create those that do.

craig-rftsiteCraig Cockburn
Director, Platforms
Craig is an IT Supremo with >25 years experience in IT and manager of IT projects. He has worked freelance delivering success projects for The Scottish Government, Aviva, DirectGov, The Scottish Tourist Board, Cabinet Office, and AXA Wealth. He led the programme of work for Southwark Council which won IT Project Team of the Year award from the British Computer Society. He wrote the UK’s first guide to getting online, is a graduate of Edinburgh and Napier Universities, the latter with distinction. He is a fellow of the BCS and the Chartered Management Institute and is developing the Right, First Time delivery platform as it moves online.

Dave Rattray
Director, Client Development

In 2017, we are joined by Dave Rattray, ‘Mr LinkedIn’ and the Creator of the LinkedIn Success Blueprint, to maximise our Member-Client value and delivery. Dave has been known to us (and many of you) for some time, and his reputation as a modern marketer and keen practitioner of modern digital engagement and value delivery for Clients means that we are now fully resourced up to deliver our flagship new ‘Centre for Collaborative & Competitive Advantage’ in 2017.

We are based at Edinburgh Napier University – a fitting home for us. A globally recognised seat of learning named after and dedicated to the inventor of Logarithms. Logarithms were a major step in giving humanity the means to simplify and make profoundly large calculations, and we are working likewise to simplify and make your decision-making easier by reducing and refining options, to focus on your definitive, most compelling competitive advantage and how it is effectively deployed in the marketplace.